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What does the purchase of a video lesson include?

When you purchase a video lesson, you will receive a video lesson in a MP4 file format. You will be permitted one download per purchased video.

How do I download and save my video lesson to my computer or mobile device?

After completing your purchase, you can download your video lesson directly from the PeaceAndDrums.com webpage to your computer or mobile device. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to download the video lesson. To download and save the video lesson directly to your mobile device, a downloader app / download manager is necessary.

Will my purchased video play on my iPhone, tablet, and computer?

Yes. The file format is compatible with computers and mobile devices. The video lesson file can be downloaded and saved to your computer or mobile device. Also, the video lesson file can be transferred from your computer to your mobile device, or the video lesson can be streamed directly on your mobile device.

I cannot download my video. Who do I contact?

Click Contact Us, write your message/concern, and submit. We will respond promptly.

Does PeaceAndDrums.com have an e-mail list?

Yes! You can sign up to receive free e-mail updates from PeaceAndDrums.com on the homepage. E-mails will be sent when new video lessons have become available.

Once I’ve completed my purchase with PayPal, how do I return to PeaceAndDrums.com to get my video download link?

Once you’ve completed your purchase with PayPal, there will be a hyperlink in the PayPal purchase confirmation window stating: Return to PeaceAndDrums.com, Inc. Click on this hyperlink to return to the Transaction Results page on PeaceAndDrums.com, where you will find your video lesson download link. In addition, you will also receive a confirmation of purchase e-mail that will include your download link.