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Lessons in the beginner category are for new drummers and for current players looking to strengthen their fundamental skill sets in order to take their playing to the next level. Lessons in the beginner category will help you to develop a strong foundation in hand and foot techniques, grooves, and fill fundamentals. Some of the topics in this category include: the correct way to hold your sticks, posture at the drum set, what are fills and when to use them, grooves, the basics of notation and reading, implementing phrasing, and the development of muscle memory. Developing a solid foundation in these areas is key to becoming a powerful, fast, articulate, creative and free drummer. These lessons will give you the necessary tools to inspire you to become the drummer that you want to be!


The intermediate category is the next step in development for any drummer who has made their way through the beginner category; it is also a place where drummers who want to re-evaluate their current technique will dig in. Lessons in the intermediate category further build upon the foundation of skills developed in the beginner category, while challenging the muscle memory that we have developed thus far. In the intermediate category we will develop more advanced hand and foot techniques, introduce new note rates to our grooves and fill sections, and discuss the concept of developing your own voice on the kit.


The goal of the advanced category is to connect the dots between grooves, fills, and phrasing, while utilizing a consistent collection of techniques and skills to develop your own voice on the kit. Technique will take a different shape in the advanced category. We will develop combinations of techniques and how they apply both in rudiments and dense note rate fill options. Explore the various styles of grooves from rock to jazz to R&B to world music to hybrid grooves. Explore the idea of freedom on the kit as it applies to free soloing and soloing over vamps. Through the topics in the advanced category, become the drummer you dream to be. Leave it all on the kit. Give everything…hold nothing back…and rage the skins.

Focus PackagesFocus Packages

Focus packages are bundles of lessons that focus on a specific topic. Packages are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers. Topics range from technique development to drum set styles to application of rudiments.